Ayo Glasses – Wearable Light Therapy for Better Sleep and Mood

Use your own biology and the power of circadian light therapy to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Ayo glasses stimulate the cells in your eyes and help control your internal body clock by using advanced blue light therapy that mimics sunlight.

Ayo Glasses

Sleep Better
Embrace Wellness
Boost Energy
Combat Jet Lag

AYO Glasses are light therapy glasses that use blue light to replicate natural sunlight and stimulate the cells in your eyes. They harness circadian light to naturally stimulate your brain and body. By stimulating melatonin production, the glasses are intended to help you improve your sleep, reduce stress, and increase your energy levels. They also shield your eyes from harmful blue light, which can cause retinal damage.

By stimulating melatonin production, AYO Glasses can help you improve your sleep, reduce stress, and increase your energy levels.They can also help you deal with jet lag, overcome seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and elevate mental and physical performance. By using these light therapy glasses for only 20 minutes one time per day, you can start to see better sleep, improved mood, and increased energy in 2-5 days. Many people claim that regular use of AYO glasses has helped them combat symptoms of seasonal affective depression (SAD).

Effects in the Short Term

When your eyes are exposed to advanced blue light from AYO glasses, it suppresses the level of melatonin in your brain and signals your body to wake up. As a result, you feel naturally energized and ready to engage in physical activity.

Long-Term Effects

With the right timing and intensity, 20 minutes of AYO light exposure per day can help optimize your body clock. Your sleep patterns and energy levels will improve, as will your mental health.

How do AYO Glasses function?

The advanced blue light from AYO is similar to sunlight and completely safe to use. It stimulates sensory cells called photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells as it enters your eyes (ipRGCs).


These cells then send signals to your brain’s Suprachiasmatic Nucleus, which suppresses the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This allows your internal body clock to be optimized for your specific lifestyle.


You will feel energized if your melatonin levels are suppressed. Following that, your melatonin levels will actively rise prior to bedtime, allowing you to fall asleep easily.

Beautiful young woman wearing ayo glasses

AYO Advantages:


AYO glasses are Bluetooth-enabled and connect to your mobile device, giving you complete control and efficiency.


When you wear the AYO glasses, this sensor allows the AYO App to track your progress until your chosen program is completed.


AYO glasses have a unique diffusion technology and multiple lighting levels. They use UV-free, infrared-free, low-glare blue lighting technology that is safe and scientifically supported.


Because of an ambient light sensor, AYO glasses provide the optimal level of light intensity. This precisely controls the intensity of external light so that the brightness of the AYO light can be adjusted at a rate of 0.1 sec.


One AYO easily fits all. The nosepiece is fully adjustable, allowing AYO to be worn over prescription glasses. AYO is not harmful to your vision.


AYO is slim and sophisticated, with a high-quality, lightweight 35-gram frame. For your convenience, AYO is fully portable and foldable.


AYO has a long-lasting battery that is optimized for energy efficiency. Wireless charging is very easy with the AYO case.

3 Methods for Managing Your Circadian Rhythm

  1. Light wavelength

AYO employs 470-475nm light with a 250 W/cm2 irradiance. This wavelength has been shown to be the most effective for adjusting the internal body clock.

  1. Session duration

The AYO app computes session durations for you. It also suggests when to use the AYO wearable and when to avoid light to get the most out of it.

  1. Session length

The AYO app calculates the duration of each program and session based on the light intensity and personal data.

The User Test

Setup: AYO glasses are extremely easy to set up for the first time. Simply download the app and turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. When you remove the AYO from its smart charging station, it automatically turns on when you open the arms of the glasses. This also activates AYO Bluetooth, which automatically connects to the app. The app is used to control AYO from here. After that, navigating the app is extremely easy.

How to use: The AYO looks like a regular pair of glasses, but it has a very small lens underneath the frame. You put them on like any other pair of glasses. If you already wear prescription glasses, the AYO is designed to sit on top of them and will not obstruct your vision. If you are not wearing glasses underneath, you can adjust the nose piece to place the AYO in the upper part of your field of vision rather than directly in the middle. So proper positioning is critical because the AYO light must still be able to enter your eye while also allowing you to see ahead clearly.

How to use the Ayo Application

App: There are three options for using AYO: Sleep, Travel, and Energy. To get started, simply tap on what you want to use AYO for. From here, you can specify what it should do and how long it should run for. The app is well-designed and simple to use. The majority of the programs begin at around 20 minutes, but you can adjust this up to 40 minutes.

When you use the sleep function, you must enter information about when you go to bed and when you wake up on work and non-work days. The app will then calculate the best times for you to use AYO or go outside in order to regulate your melatonin levels.

The travel section allows you to enter your destination and it will advise you when to use AYO or get out into the sun to help you combat jet lag more effectively.

Build quality: AYO is made of plastic, but it is of good quality. It appears to be well-made and sturdy. The charging dock is also made of plastic, but it has the same high quality feel. We especially like how you put AYO into the charging dock, where a magnetic contact keeps the device in place while it charges.

What are the experiences of using it

User Experience: AYO’s overall user experience is excellent. When you put the glasses on, they do look a little sci-fi, especially if you catch a glimpse of yourself while a program is running, but that doesn’t detract from their effectiveness. Interestingly, when we first tested AYO for an energy boost during the day, we saw significant improvements, despite the fact that one of our team members didn’t notice much of a difference in how he felt. The setup was correct, but he had the AYO over the top of his prescription glasses.

We were aware that the lenses in his glasses had a particularly high quality blue light filter, and we wondered if this was the cause. We spoke with the AYO team, who confirmed our initial thoughts. While most blue light filters in lenses are aimed at a 450nm wavelength of light and would not interfere with AYO, which operates in the 470nm wavelength range, it appears that the high end filters in his lenses were likely affecting the AYO function. It was true that using AYO without his glasses made a significant difference. The increase in energy during the day is obvious.

Jet Lag:

One of our team members is a frequent international flyer, so we put the AYO glasses to the test to see if they helped with Jet Lag. This test was conducted on a long-haul flight from Berlin to Seul, which has an 9-hour time difference and is notorious for causing jet lag. After you enter your flight times and destination, the AYO app calculates when you need to use AYO (or be in the sunlight) and prompts you when you should stay in the dark. This was especially useful on the plane when he was instructed to use the AYO glasses in a dark cabin.

It was difficult to stay in the dark until 10 a.m. on the second day after arriving due to an 8.30 a.m. business meeting, but the tailored schedule generated by the app was extremely useful.

Though he did experience jet lag (especially on the first night), it was significantly less than on previous trips from Berlin to Seul, and he had almost no jet lag by the second night, which was a first for him. So, while it does not completely eliminate jet lag, it does significantly assist in overcoming it.

AYO Glasses with phone app

What do the experts think?
We work with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry to provide you with a truly unbiased assessment of the products we test. The Lab is CLSO, where we do all the grunt work so you don’t have to. Inside, you can find academic reports on the science behind the product technology and determine which claims are supported by real evidence.

The Final Veredict

Research-backed, well-designed, and simple-to-use app

You may need to remove your high-end prescription glasses with a blue lens coating.
The AYO glasses are excellent. And their overall design and effectiveness impressed us. While they may make you look like a Star Trek character, this is entirely appropriate. The AYO glasses represent the next step in personal wellbeing control, and where better to begin than with your body clock? Say hello to science fiction and goodbye to lack of sleep, energy, and jet lag.

FAQ about Ayo

Do I need a need a smartphone to use AYO?

No, you do not need to use a smartphone or install the AYO app in order to use AYO. AYO is a consumer wellness device, which is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical condition

What’s special about the AYO light?

AYO emits blue-turquoise light of approximately 470 nm. AYO’s irradiance levels (i.e. light strength) are 150 µW/cm2 and can be considered as an equivalent to a 10,000 lux of bright light emitted by a typical light box. AYO’s advanced blue light is similar to sunlight and is completely safe to use. As it enters your eyes it stimulates sensory cells called photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells (ipRGCs) which regulate the production of the sleep hormone melatonin

When will I start to notice results?

You can start to see better sleep, improved mood, and increased energy in 2-5 days by using these light therapy glasses for only 20 minutes one time per day .

Is there any scientific research?

Yes, there are some studies that have been conducted on AYO Glasses. According to the AYO website, over 10 clinical trials have been conducted on the glasses, and independent studies have shown an increase in energy levels, elevated mood, and better sleep

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